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Custom Microarray Services     |     Catalog #: MA999

LifeSensors can apply its microarray services to applications above and beyond the ubiquitin pathway. Potential services include: 

Service Description
Protein-protein interaction screens  Screen for interacting partners for your protein of interest across ~20,000 human proteins
 Antibody selectivity screening
 Characterize antibody selectivity across ~20,000 human proteins
 Enzyme-substrate relationship profiling
 Identify enzyme-substrate pairs within the phosphorylation, ubiquitination, and acetylation pathways
 Drug treatment proteomic profiling
 Characterize signaling pathway regulation by your drug at the proteomic scale by measuring post-translational modifications from drug-treated samples


Our unique protein microarray expertise provides a powerful microarray platform and straightforward approach to biological questions or screens across thousands of proteins.  Protein microarrays are often less expensive, offer more rapid turnaround, and superior results to other proteomic technologies. If you have an experimental question that could be applied to the array, we would be happy to provide a free consultation and develop a customized service for you. Contact a scientist now.

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