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DUB Substrate ID, DUB Substrate Profiling Service     |     Catalog #: MA104

The identification of novel substrates for DUBs is most efficiently achieved through the use of protein microarray technology. DUB Substrate ID™ employs a high-content microarray and LifeSensor's ubiquitin pathway expertise to identify candidate substrates for any DUB. The service includes the following steps:

  • Two 'fully' ubiquitylated protein microarrays are generated using a cocktail of E2 and E3 enzymes that ensures ubiquitylation of the candidate proteins
  • One array is de-ubiquitylated using your DUB
  • Arrays are probed with ubiquitin detection reagents (antibodies or TUBEs)
  • The difference in ubiquitylation pattern between these arrays indicates substrates
  • The service can be performed with one of several commercially available arrays or a custom array.  LifeSensors can advise on the selection of the most appropriate array for the experiment.

    Array: Client-selected human protein microarray

    Client material required: DUB of interest (roughly 150 µL of a 100 nM solution)

    Deliverable: Raw data & statistical analysis, gene ontology (GO) clustering of potential substrates,  follow-up support and lead prioritization

    Turnaround: 4-6 weeks

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