New Chain Selective TUBE, Anti-M1 (Linear)!

We are proud to announce the launch of Anti-M1 (Linear) TUBE for the detection, characterization, and isolation of M1-linked polyubiquitylated proteins from cells or  tissue extracts. This TUBE exhibits a high affinity and selectivity for M1 polyubiquitylated chains with little to no reactivity with K63- or K48-linked chains (see  Fig 1 and Fig 2).

The Anti-M1 TUBE joins LifeSensors’ growing family of TUBE reagents including non-chain selective TUBE 1 and TUBE 2 (Herpje, et al. 2009), Anti-K63 TUBEs, and Anti-K48 TUBEs. LifeSensors’ line of M1-specific reagents includes two varieties of linear ubiquitin chains: native wild type (cleavable) and non-native chains (not cleaved by the linear specific deubiquitylase Otulin).  Western blot detection of M1 chains is readily accomplished with our LUB9 antibody.

Hot off the press: A recent publication demonstrated that LUBAC (linear-ubiquitin-chain assembly complex) plays a major role in regulating NF-kB dependent signaling in response to activation of Toll-like receptor 4 (Bowman, et al. 2015).

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