Our intellectual assets provide methods and tools for discovery of ubiquitin pathway system (UPS) enzyme functions and modulating molecules. In addition, our small ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO)-fusion protein expression technology enables the efficient production and purification of high quality, correctly folded proteins useful in all applications of protein preparation and drug discovery.

Our product lines (SUMOpro, SUMOpro3, SUMOstar) exploit the properties of SUMO for protein expression products. Other products feature or enable UPS specific enzyme activity assays such as the Internally Quenched Fluorescence diubiquitin (IQF-diUb) and CHOP-reporter assays, in addition to other reagents.

Our patent portfolio includes issued and allowed U.S. Patents as well as grants in Australia, Europe, Canada, China and other territories. We have licensed seven of its patent families to Progenra, Inc. non-exclusively for research and discovery efforts. Non-exclusive licenses are available for both research and commercial use of  proprietary ubiquitin protein expression systems and ubiquitin pathway system discovery tools.

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