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“Linear Polyubiquitination: A Crucial Regulator of NF-κB Activation”

Below is the abstract of a recent review article describing the importance of M1 (Linear) polyubiquitination. The article is, “Linear Polyubiquitination: A Crucial Regulator of NF-κB Activation” by Dr. Kazuhiro Iwai. “NF-κB is… Read More

New Chain Selective TUBE, Anti-M1 (Linear)!

We are proud to announce the launch of Anti-M1 (Linear) TUBE for the detection, characterization, and isolation of M1-linked polyubiquitylated proteins from cells or  tissue extracts. This TUBE exhibits a… Read More

What is the Best Ubiquitin Antibody on the Market?

In a recent paper by Gilda et al, LifeSensors’ VU-1 antibody was compared to four other ubiquitin antibodies currently on the market. The main goal was to improve the quality of… Read More

K63-linked Ubiquitin Chains Accumulate in Response to Oxidative Stress

A recent high-profile report in nature structural & molecular biology describes novel redox-regulatory roles for K63 ubiquitylated proteins. Using LifeSensors’ anti-K63 TUBES in combination with SILAC based proteomics, the researchers… Read More

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